Style Sense started last May when I hosted a small party for friends, selling clothes from my closet that I'd only worn once or twice. The party was a hit so I decided to keep it going, only on a larger scale with brand new clothing. Think Tupperware party, only with chic clothes instead of plastic containers. At Style Sense, you’ll find designers like Meghan Fabulous, Luluvia, Fumblin Foe, Trina Durk, Diane von Furstenberg, and many others. Essentially, I will do all the hunting and leave the easy part for you—trying and buying.Looking for more personalized attention? No problem. Style Sense also offers personal shopping trips (pay by the hour), and personal closet cleanup sessions (pay by the closet size). The best part? Style Sense will haul away your unwanted items and donate them to charity. No mess, no fuss—just a clean, organized closet with room for new additions.
With clients ranging from women in their mid-20’s to those 50 and fabulous—Style Sense is perfect for anyone ready to channel their inner Carrie Bradshaw.
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